Coastal Marine Asia Underwriting (HK) Ltd is a company dedicated to the insurance needs of shipowners operating small vessels, cargo, marine liabilities and the aquaculture business with a risk appetite for the following: 

Vessel Type – up to 15,000 GT:
Work Boats




Crew boats


Landing Craft Tank vessels (LCTs)


Supply boats


Anchor Handling Tug / Supply Vessels


Utility vessels


Crane barges

Coastal / Restricted Trading 

Coastal cargo vessels


Coastal container vessels


Coastal tankers


Coastal bulk-carriers

Passenger / Ferry Vessels 

Carrying 200 people or less

Pleasure Craft






Fishing Vessels

All types

Other Classes

Ship builder’s and ship repairer’s risks


Protection & Indemnity




Freight Forwarder’s Liability


Terminal Operator’s Liability

Port Operator’s Liability

Break-up voyages


At Coastal we appreciate the importance of claims; the key being the management of all claims right from day one, when the loss is first advised. In our network we have relationships with average adjusters and surveyors that go back many years, enabling the best advice to be given in what are often very difficult circumstances. Our internal systems prompt regular follow-up on claims and our expertise and technical knowledge enable claims to be settled both equitably and quickly.

Geographical Reach

North East Asia


South East Asia

Middle East

Latin America

Risk Management Approach

We take a proactive view to risk management with a real focus on “loss prevention”, as we like to call it. Within our network we can select the right expertise for the job in hand, which may require a marine surveyor, a ship’s captain, a former seaman or a combination of these skills. By drawing industry leading skill sets together we are able to explain the benefits the Coastal Loss Prevention team can provide to our clients, making the necessary arrangements for a loss prevention programme to be conducted during the period of the contract.